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Matt Jackson

Net Zero Transport Manager

College/university qualification if applicable:

MA Town & Regional Planning, University of Dundee (2015)

Some of the organisations I’ve previously worked at:

  • Dundee Museum of Transport (Trustee)
  • Transport Scotland (secondee from SYSTRA)
  • SWARCO Smart Charging

What attracted you to SFT as an organisation?

SFT is a small, impactful and relatively flat organisation and as a result, everyone has a significant role to play in meeting objectives and getting things done.  Joining a high impactful organisation where you have the autonomy to deliver against objectives for the greater good was very appealing.

What team do you work in and what is the main purpose of that work?

I’m one of three members of SFT’s Net Zero Transport team.  Our work is primarily focussed on public EV infrastructure, fleet and buses.  We are working with Transport Scotland to implement alternative delivery models that can deploy private capital effectively, and deliver on policy outcomes.  This is incredibly challenging as it’s a step change from the status quo of 100% capital grants from the public sector.

What do you do and what does a day in your work life look like?

As the cliché goes, no two days are the same, and I can genuinely say that with my role.  I spend most of my working time at home, with usually a day a week in the office with the team where we tend to do most of our collaborative and strategic thinking as a group.  I am beginning to visit local authorities and partners in-person to discuss progress and advise on technical matters – something that will be increasingly important as we enter the delivery phase of the EV Infrastructure Fund.

What is it like to work at SFT?  

SFT is a particularly unique organisation, sited in a triangle between Scottish Government, Local Authorities and the Private Sector.  This means we can have open, honest and candid conversations with stakeholders to really get down into the issues that need solving.  Spotting an issue before it manifests, and having the trust and autonomy to work with others to resolve it is very rewarding and reminds me that I’m regularly contributing to the greater good.

What motivates or inspires you? 

I get a real kick out of helping others, even if it’s something small.  I’m passionate about the decarbonisation of transport and is without a doubt one of the biggest opportunities of our time.  We can all forget sometimes that this hasn’t been done before and no one has all of the answers.  This is all about working together and delivering for the greater good, and I love being a part of it.

What do you like to do outside of work? 

I’m a regular hill walker with my wife Katy from our home in Perthshire – it’s great to take a step outside and enjoy the great outdoors.  When the weather takes a turn, you’ll find me dabbling with technology or games… or attempting DIY in our new home.