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We are delivering and managing net zero infrastructure and finance programmes that support Scottish Government’s National Infrastructure Mission to drive inclusive economic growth and build resilient places.

Electric Vehicle Charging Network

In January 2022, Scottish Government published its draft vision for Scotland’s Public Electric Vehicle Charging Network and announced the intention to launch a new £60 million fund for local authorities over the next four years with approximately half of this funding anticipated to be invested from the private sector.

£30 million of the programme is funded by Transport Scotland and is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Consumers benefit from a seamless network of public electric vehicle chargers that anyone can access safely and intuitively.
  • Private motorists and businesses in every part of Scotland have access to reliable network coverage to meet daily and seasonal demands.
  • Scotland has crowded in private sector investment, while maintaining the benefits of an integrated, consumer focused network.
  • The network and consumers are benefiting from advancements in energy storage, SMART tariffs, and local network design.
  • The location of electric vehicle charging points actively encouraging public transport and active travel choices.

We are supporting Transport Scotland in the management and delivery of the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Fund (EVIF).  In addition, we are providing targeted support to local authorities to identify their future investment needs and new approaches to expanding Scotland’s public charging network at scale and pace which can mobilise private sector capital.

Links to background information, guidance and templates developed by SFT, along with other useful reference material, will be provided here:

Through work undertaken by Field Dynamics on behalf of SFT, each local authority involved in EVIF now has access to several datasets, models, and GIS files to support future investment planning.  Field Dynamics has recorded a short video to explain the key elements of - and how to use - this toolkit. 

As the programme develops, further information will be made available.

For further information on this programme please contact Alastair Young or Matt Jackson.