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New report on phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles from public sector fleet

Our Net Zero Transport team has published the following report “Phasing Out Petrol and Diesel Cars & Vans from Public Sector Fleet – Meeting the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Challenge”.

The team is working closely with Transport Scotland and public bodies across Scotland to help accelerate the delivery of an expanded public EV charging network, as well as the delivery of public sector fleet charging infrastructure. 

In July 2021 we published a joint Electric Vehicle Charging Report with Transport Scotland.  This report highlighted opportunities for greater private sector involvement in the expansion of the public EV charging network. 

In January, Transport Scotland published its draft Vision for Scotland’s Public Electric Vehicle Charging Network along with plans to launch a new public Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Fund.  Transport Scotland is making £30m available over the next four years, with the aspiration that this will lever at least a further £30m from the private sector.

We are supporting Transport Scotland in the management and delivery of this funding programme and have started working with several local authority pathfinder initiatives to explore new delivery models.

As well as the public charging network requiring significant expansion to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles, Scottish Government has made the commitment to work with public bodies to phase out petrol and diesel cars from the public sector fleet and phase out the need for any new petrol and diesel light commercial vehicles by 2025. 

This new report highlights new ways of working that could support public bodies in meeting the 2025 commitment.

For further information on this report please contact Alastair Young or Matt Jackson from our Net Zero Transport team.