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Launch of digital app to deliver the benefits of technology within the public-sector estate

A new electronic toolkit aimed at helping the public sector improve the performance of their built assets has been launched today by infrastructure experts, the Scottish Futures Trust. 

The Infrastructure Technology Navigator links the needs of public sector bodies to technology solutions that can support how they plan, deliver and manage their assets. The navigator is a free, open-source tool that has been developed in partnership with industry and the public sector. The navigator will continue to grow and respond to new technologies that can offer significant benefits across the whole life of our public-sector estate.

Paul Dodd, SFT’s head of infrastructure technology, explained: “New infrastructure technologies are emerging at a rapid pace at an international, national and local scale. They are changing and improving how we develop and deliver infrastructure which in turn is helping to make the buildings we use more efficient, effective and sustainable. “

“Virtual reality, 3D design, building sensors, laser scanning and cloud-based data sharing are examples of current technologies being applied in new and innovative ways. What we’ve done is link these technologies to the demands faced by asset owners and brought them together under one platform.”

Stuart Brown, Assistant Director of Property and Capital Planning at Health Facilities Scotland explained “Health Facilities Scotland has been working collaboratively with SFT to explore opportunities to derive greater value and benefit from improved information management and technology across the health and care landscape. The Infrastructure Technology Navigator provides a helpful resource to raise awareness, unlock investment and help identify value-adding technology that can be adopted within the NHS in Scotland.“

To watch a short video of the benefits of the Navigator, please click this link - Promotional Video