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Funding Scotland’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure – Programme Briefing

Free to attend webinars - Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 March

At the end of January, Scottish Government published its draft vision for Scotland’s Public Electric Vehicle Charging Network and announced the plan for a £60 million funding programme.

This programme aims to accelerate the growth of the public charging network across Scotland over the next 4 years. It intends to do so through a ‘partnership’ approach involving Scotland’s local authorities and the private sector, with at least £30m of the programme’s funding being leveraged from private sector sources.

To help Scotland’s local authorities and the EV charging market understand the outcomes this programme is seeking to achieve, including Transport Scotland’s priorities in expanding the public electric vehicle charging network and the mechanics of this new funding programme, Transport Scotland and the Scottish Futures Trust are jointly running two, 2-hour briefing sessions.

Following presentations from Transport Scotland and the Scottish Futures Trust, there’ll be an opportunity for questions and answers.

To register, please click here.