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Four more schools to be built from within existing £1.8bn programme

In professionally managing the Scotland's Schools for the Future programme, SFT has secured four more schools to be built from within the existing £1.8bn programme.

This takes the total number of schools in the programme to 116 with details of the additional new schools as follows:

  1. Jedburgh Intergenerational Campus will replace Jedburgh Grammar School and Parkside and Howdenburn Primary Schools in the Borders
  2. Sighthill Community Campus will replace St Stephen’s Primary School and St Kevin’s Primary School in Glasgow
  3. Underbank Primary School in South Lanarkshire
  4. Walston Primary School in South Lanarkshire  

As a result, thousands more pupils will benefit from being educated in well-designed, fit-for-purpose schools aligned to modern teaching methods over the life time of the schools.