Innovation in the delivery of public infrastructure is key to unlocking future development and boosting economic growth. Innovation can take many forms: developing new solutions to drive value for money; making more efficient use of existing public funding; leveraging additional funds and resources, and engendering partnership between the public and private sector.

The National Housing Trust initiative (NHT) is a prime example of innovation in action. 

 NHT has been designed by SFT for Scotland's local authorities to use as part of the ‘toolbox’ to help create more affordable homes available for rent, on a mid-market or intermediate basis, in areas where there is demand for affordable housing.

There are two strands to the National Housing Trust programme; one a joint venture with private developers and the other a joint venture with local authorities.

As a direct result of SFT’s NHT work and another programme SFT has initiated, this has secured the building of 3,000 affordable rent homes.

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