Development & Housing

We are working to attract inward economic investment into Scotland’s towns, cities and communities that will deliver housing, improved public service delivery, enhanced connectivity and economic benefits.


The public sector across Scotland is considering office workspace as a target for creating a smaller, leaner, greener, and more effective and smarter property estate.

The essence of this approach is increased sharing in fewer buildings, improving collaboration, delivering significant efficiencies and savings, and identifying opportunities for wider benefits based on new modern ways of working.

As part of our space and money saving New Ways of Working initiative, which is running across many public sector organisations, recently, Registers of Scotland embraced the opportunity to change the way it works and moved to a more flexible way of working. To see the results and how they were achieved, click on this video.



As well as helping others, we too embarked upon our own New Ways of Working programme, with the benefits clearly to be seen as this video demonstrates: