SFT About Us

For more than a decade the Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) has been at the forefront of improving public sector infrastructure across Scotland.

Established by Scottish Government as a centre of infrastructure expertise, we provide additional skills, resource and knowledge to public sector organisations, supporting them plan, fund, deliver and manage their construction projects and buildings better.

As a result, infrastructure (its construction and end use) drives forward inclusive economic growth and secures many social benefits, for example, jobs are secured and apprenticeship places created; places become more attractive for people to move into; communities benefit from enhanced ‘place-based’ facilities; businesses thrive due to faster digital connectivity, and trade is made easier through improved transport links.  

Having Scotland's economy front of mind, our aim is:

"to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of infrastructure investment and use in Scotland by working collaboratively with public bodies and industry, leading to better value for money and ultimately improved public services."

Our success lies with the professionals we employ. Recruited from both the public and private sectors, we have been able to attract, develop and retain the finest talent from the infrastructure world. 

The strength of the organisation lies in bringing together a mix of skillsets all under one roof. We have architects, surveyors, low carbon and telecoms specialists, designers, economists, engineers, accountants, lawyers, project managers, commercial property professionals and financiers, all of whom innovate and deliver significant infrastructure programmes across Scotland.  Their leadership, expertise and determination have been instrumental in helping many public bodies achieve their own objectives.