SFT About Us

We are an infrastructure centre of expertise owned by the Scottish Government.

Working with numerous public and private sector partners across our many programmes, we:

  • Plan future infrastructure investment
  • Innovate to secure new ways to fund essential infrastructure
  • Deliver important infrastructure programmes
  • Improve the management of existing properties 

With construction one of the highest economic multipliers of any government expenditure, our infrastructure programmes have a positive effect on Scotland's economy as they support thousands of jobs and create many more training and apprenticeship positions.

Then when operational, better roads, top-class schools, affordable homes, world-class hospitals as well as the availability of super-fast broadband make an even greater contribution to the economy as locations become more attractive to live and work in, trade is made easier through improved transport links and businesses thrive by having access to fast and reliable digital communications.

Having Scotland's economy front of mind, our aim is:

"to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of infrastructure investment and use in Scotland by working collaboratively with public bodies and industry, leading to better value for money and ultimately improved public services."