SFT About Us

Established by Scottish Government in 2008, we are an infrastructure centre of expertise that does all its work in collaboration with our many partners across the private and public sectors.

Our industry partners range from investors, infrastructure operators, property developers, architects and constructors through to those involved in maintaining and enhancing Scotland’s public sector buildings and assets.

We want these businesses to be successful and profitable, committed to Scotland and be well equipped for the future, offering rewarding jobs to a diverse workforce that delivers quality products and services to their customers.

Our public sector partners include Scottish Government along with its many agencies and central bodies as well as local authorities and regional organisations.

We want them to have long-term plans and effective delivery mechanisms for innovative and sustainable investment in new and existing infrastructure which underpin their wider organisational aims and create vibrant places across Scotland.

Our activities are targeted toward progressing the ten infrastructure-related outcomes agreed upon in our 2019-24 Corporate Plan which are linked to Scotland’s National Performance Framework and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

These outcomes require action across all infrastructure sectors, asset owners and lifecycle stages.

We report progress annually in our Outcomes Report which includes quantitative indicators and a wide range of case studies.

Our expert teams are organised into 14 workstreams, each with its own focus of activities as set out in our annual Business Plan, and with a shared underlying culture of collaboration both within and outside the organisation.

Each team progresses its work with partners to deliver activities aligned with our agreed outcomes, making sure that they address each of our three corporate priorities, shared with the Scottish Government’s Infrastructure Investment Plan, of delivering inclusive economic growth, enabling the transition to net zero emissions and environmental sustainability and building resilient and sustainable places.

It is the individual infrastructure expertise of our team members, drawn from across professional backgrounds and with experience from across the public and private sectors, together with our unique organisational structure and positioning, that enable us to deliver the outcomes we were established to pursue for Scotland.