Development & Housing

We are attracting investment into Scotland’s towns, cities and communities to deliver housing, improve public service delivery, secure economic benefits, and contribute to Scotland’s net zero carbon target.

Strategic Property Advice

Among public organisations, there is increased recognition that forward-thinking estate strategies and asset plans that provide a mix of property, financial, operational, and wider corporate benefits, significantly contribute to an organisation’s objectives.

This strategic approach supports effective decision making on an organisation’s portfolio – be it space for offices, emergency services, storage, etc – in collaboration with local, regional, and national partners.

Encouraging and guiding public organisations to adopt established business case methodologies – from ascertaining strategic fit through to Full Business Case – helps efficient and effective decision making, and ultimately drives maximum public value from expenditure.

Case study materials can be found on this page, along with Police Scotland's Estate Strategy below. 

"Police Scotland’s Estate Strategy 2019 sets out our ambition to develop a sustainable, modern and demand-led property estate that will enhance the wellbeing of our officers and staff, will create greater co-location and collaboration opportunities with our partners, and will enable excellent service delivery to our communities across Scotland. 

"Scottish Futures Trust works with Police Scotland, providing strategic property support in particular areas of focus, and has assisted in shaping our approaches to co-location and collaboration with our public sector partners, as well as to the creation of future smarter working environments."

David Page, Deputy Chief Officer, Police Scotland

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