Development & Housing

We are attracting investment into Scotland’s towns, cities and communities to deliver housing, improve public service delivery, secure economic benefits, and contribute to Scotland’s net zero carbon target.

Place, Housing and Economic Investment

As Scotland emerges from COVID and continues its drive to a wellbeing, green economy, our Place, Housing and Economic Investment team will utilise its skills to improve the places and environments where we live and work, strengthen our communities and businesses, as well as improve how we all access the services we need locally.

This activity will be underpinned by ‘Place’ and will build upon our Place Guide (effectively a ‘How to’ guide for Place) that we published in November 2021. By taking this ‘Place’ approach, we will ensure that the decisions and investments we make deliver benefits for all. We will support a series of Place Programmes and share our wider Place knowledge.

In relation to housing, we will continue to maximise the delivery and impact of the affordable homes that Scotland needs, employing different approaches and innovations to do this. We will work with our public and private sector partners to strengthen Scotland’s cities and towns, using wider public sector investment, enhanced public service delivery and housing to build strong communities that deliver an inclusive economy and one that will contribute to the delivery of a net zero Scotland.

We will focus on strategic and stalled sites and support major investments and programmes that boost local, regional and national economies and outcomes. A key part of this will be a focus on the green economy and how this activity can support Scotland’s ‘just transition’. This includes focussing on the next stage of development for the Green Growth Accelerator and supporting the delivery of the five pathfinder projects announced in October 2021.