SFT Outcomes Report

In 2018, Scottish Government published its updated ten-year National Performance Framework (NPF) setting out a series of long-term outcomes with the aim of creating a more successful country with opportunities for everyone to flourish through increased wellbeing and sustainable, inclusive economic growth.

Infrastructure has a key role in facilitating these outcomes and in particular addressing the climate emergency announced in 2019.

In our 2019/24 Corporate Plan, we identified ten infrastructure outcomes that further the goals of the NPF and to where all our business objectives are aligned.

To demonstrate the impact of our work we have produced an Outcomes website highlighting each outcome and the progress we and our partners have made.

outcomes.jpegAnd across the ten outcomes, we have also prepared over 30 case studies that reflect just a sample of the many different infrastructure projects and programmes we lead on and manage across Scotland.

To view the website, click here.