Infrastructure Finance & Programmes

We are delivering and managing net zero infrastructure and finance programmes that support Scottish Government’s National Infrastructure Mission to drive inclusive economic growth and build resilient places.

Operational Contract Management

Across Scotland, there are many essential buildings such as schools and hospitals, built and maintained through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

PPP contracts require the public sector to make monthly payments to the private sector to ensure their buildings are properly looked after.


These historic contracts are often complex and need active management by the public sector.

Building on the positive momentum of previous years, our operational contract management team carries out in-depth and targeted reviews of education and health projects to identify where increased value and savings can be secured.

These savings are estimated to be over £1m per annum recurrent year on year, as well as significant one-off amounts.

More recently, we have formed a collaborative working arrangement with the NHS to create a specialist team to support all NHS boards in improving PPP contract management, share best practice and drive value on a consistent basis across the country.