Infrastructure Strategy

We are providing the public sector across Scotland with support and advice to consider the long-term strategic infrastructure needs across Scotland.

National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4)

SFT has been asked to support the development of the delivery programme for the National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4). The draft NPF4 was published in November 2021, commencing a period of consultation which will end on 31 March 2022.  This consultation will seek to gather broad input to progress towards finalising and publishing NPF4. 

Delivering NPF4 is a shared commitment, which will require collaboration between many partners, from across sectors and wider communities.  Actions will vary over different scales and will range from strategic actions to those more site and project-specific. To support this process, work is underway on the preparation of a Delivery Programme for NPF4.

We are leading on the initial phase of this work, through a collaborative workstream, which will help inform the development of a Delivery Programme to be taken forward and built upon over the lifetime of the framework.

Activity Objectives

We have agreed to support the delivery programme for NPF4, through engagement, testing and collaboration.  These activities will:

  • Establish principles for delivering on the national developments, including shared ‘ownership’ and addressing pinch points
  • Develop a delivery action plan for a number of the national developments
  • Consider the read-across and lessons learned to local development planning delivery programmes

Delivery Approach

The workstream being taken forward by us includes a mix of background research, synthesis of evidence and stakeholder engagement.  The delivery principles will be developed through a desktop review, including the Infrastructure Commission for Scotland (ICS) phase 2 delivery recommendations

These will then be tested through a number of workshops, organised to maximise cross-sectoral input and consensus.  The workshops will also seek to draw out the lessons learned that need to be considered in the Local Development Plan delivery programmes. Workshops have been arranged, throughout March, to cover the following sectors and stakeholder groups, encompassing the public, private and third sectors:

  • Construction Implementation
  • Developers
  • Economic Development (Public Sector)
  • Planning & Regional Partnerships
  • Advisory
  • Utilities
  • Housing
  • Natural Environment

Through working with a small number of National Development stakeholder groups a high-level action plan will be developed, identifying key actions and responsibilities to be taken forward for those National Developments and reflecting key principles agreed from the research and engagement phase of activities.

The Output

The main output will be a concise report, which is intended to be a live document sitting alongside NPF4, to be taken forward and built upon by the Scottish Government, lead partners and other key stakeholders. 

For further Information

Should you wish to engage with this ongoing process, please contact us at