Infrastructure Finance & Programmes

We are delivering and managing net zero infrastructure and finance programmes that support Scottish Government’s National Infrastructure Mission to drive inclusive economic growth and build resilient places.

Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme

The Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP) was established with the objective of accelerating the development and delivery of substantive low-carbon energy projects across Scotland. 

It is led by Scottish Government, and SFT is a key delivery partner along with Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and sector specialists, supported by European Structural and Investment Funds, with match-funding guaranteed until Autumn 2021. 

The principal aim of the LCITP is to contribute to Scottish Government's long-term ambition and its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2020.  More broadly, the projects that LCITP support fit within the three core themes as set out in the Energy Strategy, namely: 

  • An inclusive energy transition: we need the transition to a low carbon economy over the coming decades to happen in a way that tackles inequality and poverty, and promotes a fair and inclusive jobs market
  • An integrated ‘whole systems’ view: include heat and transport, alongside electricity and energy efficiency – creating an integrated approach which recognises the effect that each element of the energy system has on the others
  • A smarter local energy model: Supporting and delivering local solutions to meet local needs, linking local generation and use, can help create vibrant local energy economies


For further information on the LCITP, projects supported to date and how to apply for support see here