Construction Industry & Delivery

We are working with public and private sector partners to improve outcomes for the construction industry as a key part of Scotland’s economy, and deliver improved infrastructure that contributes to the delivery of resilient, sustainable places, and an inclusive net zero carbon economy.

Infrastructure Technology

Scotland’s infrastructure continues to move at pace in becoming more digitally enabled. Technology and the management of information are seen as a key mechanism for the public sector to secure improved performance in how we plan, invest, deliver and manage our infrastructure.

Never before have we seen the level of investment in infrastructure technologies and the growing importance in how we manage our data to derive greater knowledge and insight.

These global trends are changing and improving how we deliver infrastructure and helping to make the buildings we use more efficient and effective. 

Virtual reality, 3D design, building sensors, laser scanning and cloud-based data sharing are examples of current technologies being applied in innovative ways with varied success, but they are not reaching their full potential. The opportunity exists to realise this potential now and into the future by:       

  • Identifying and raising awareness of beneficial technologies
  • Unlocking investment
  • Overcoming complex implementation
  • Enabling better insight and utilisation of data
  • Support upskilling and developing new expertise

The Infrastructure Technology workstream seeks to maximise these opportunities and unlock the value of existing and new technology to improve infrastructure performance.

Our ambition is to increase the performance of our infrastructure by firstly increasing public sector uptake of beneficial technologies and secondly improving the management and insight we gain from our information.

Securing value and insight through information management

The advanced process of accurately creating and managing digital information within infrastructure is referred to across the world as Building Information Modelling (BIM).

BIM is fundamentally a collaborative process for generating and managing digital information to improve the sharing and analysis of data across the whole life of a building. SFT lead the BIM programme on behalf of Scottish Government and developed innovative tools and guidance on the BIM guidance Portal. To open the BIM portal, click on the image below: