Development & Housing

We are attracting investment into Scotland’s towns, cities and communities to deliver housing, improve public service delivery, secure economic benefits, and contribute to Scotland’s net zero carbon target.

Home Ownership Made Easy (HOME)

Home Ownership Made Easy (HOME) is a new way of delivering affordable homes that provides an easier route to homeownership for first-time buyers and also offers an alternative option for older homeowners who want to move to a house that is right for their needs.    

It also provides a new way for Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords to deliver affordable homes without public subsidy that will continue to be affordable in perpetuity.  

Scottish Futures Trust’s Housing team has reworked the shared ownership model to create HOME.

The target markets for HOME are: 

  • Aspiring First Time Buyers who want to step onto the housing ladder but struggle to qualify for a commercial mortgage for a variety of reasons, including difficulties saving for a deposit
  • Older Owner Occupiers would like to move to a house that is right for their changing needs but who don’t have enough equity to secure that home on the open market and can’t or don’t want to become social rent tenants

Our pathfinder project is with North Ayrshire Council. More information on this project can be found here