SFT Governance

The Board

Our Board (which has an Audit Sub-Committee) is made up of a non-executive chairman, four non-executive directors and SFT's chief executive. Its members are as follows:

  • Ian Russell, chairman
  • Bill Matthews*
  • Pauline Mills*
  • Graham Watson*
  • Ann Allen*
  • Peter Reekie, SFT chief executive

* Members of SFT’s Audit Sub-Committee


Board Gender Representation

SFT Board

SFTi Board


Accounting and Finance

As a Limited Company, we follow International Financial Reporting Standards and produce annual accounts. Our financial year ends on 31 March and our accounts are published by December of that year, all of which can be found in the Publications section of this website. 



Under the Companies Act, we are subject to external audits. Following a competitive tendering exercise in 2017, Scott-Moncrieff was appointed as our auditor.


Freedom of Information

As with all public sector organisations, we are subject to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. If you wish to make a Freedom of Information request, you can do so here: foi@scottishfuturestrust.org.uk