Infrastructure Finance & Programmes

We are working on delivering and managing a wide range of infrastructure and finance programmes that support Scottish Government’s National Infrastructure Mission and can inform policy ambitions for decarbonisation and inclusive growth.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Scottish Government announced its ambition to phase out the need for new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2032. A key part of this will be encouraging and supporting the take up of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs). Transport Scotland has already made considerable progress in this regard through funding the deployment of one of the most comprehensive public charge point networks in Europe (ChargePlace Scotland) and supporting the installation of workplace chargepoints. 


ULEV ownership is growing rapidly and will continue to do so. Ensuring the provision of appropriate charging infrastructure will play an important part in encouraging and reinforcing this growth.

SFT is working closely with Transport Scotland in developing the strategic case for the future financing and delivery of charging infrastructure in Scotland.