SFT Corporate Outcomes

In 2018, Scottish Government published its updated ten-year National Performance Framework (NPF) setting out a series of long-term outcomes with the aim of creating a more successful country with opportunities for everyone to flourish through increased wellbeing and sustainable, inclusive economic growth.

Infrastructure has a key role in facilitating these outcomes and in particular addressing the climate emergency announced in 2019.

Our corporate plan identified ten infrastructure outcomes that further the goals of the NPF and to where all our business objectives are aligned.

These are:

  1. We have a clear picture of Scotland’s future economic and social infrastructure needs
  2. There is improved coherence, pace and placemaking across major private, commercial, industrial and housing development
  3. Infrastructure investment is sustainable and affordable with an increased use of innovative funding and financing approaches
  4. Internationally mobile capital is drawn in to invest in projects and places across Scotland
  5. Programme and project procurement and delivery are effective, with highly skilled teams deployed where they are needed
  6. We have a vibrant, innovative construction industry with increased productivity delivering well designed, high-quality products and fair work
  7. Public asset condition and performance is improved through more effective whole estate management and maintenance
  8. The public asset portfolio is effective and place-based, driving collaborative service transformation with underutilised public assets re-deployed to meet other policy objectives or divested to stimulate economic activity
  9. We have innovative technology-enabled construction, asset management and usage optimisation at a place, portfolio, and network level as well as for individual assets
  10. Infrastructure-related carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, supporting Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy


Our Strategic Priorities

In support of these ten outcomes, we have developed three strategic priorities that resonate across the whole of our business, and are as follows:

  • Reducing infrastructure-related CO2 emissions
  • Seeking opportunities to deliver additional investment through financing innovation, and drawing in internationally mobile capital
  • Develop and deliver opportunities, selected for their potential contribution to reducing emissions, inclusive growth and progressed using a place-based approach