Development & Housing

We are attracting investment into Scotland’s towns, cities and communities to deliver housing, improve public service delivery, secure economic benefits, and contribute to Scotland’s net zero carbon target.

Asset Strategy

Our work supports public sector organisations adopt an outcomes-based common approach to delivering inclusive growth, net zero buildings, and sustainable places.

We promote collaboration and co-location as key to improving service delivery, local community resilience, and a smaller, greener public estate.

We support the Scottish Government deliver its public sector asset strategy ambitions set out in its five year Infrastructure Investment Plan and work with organisations on asset strategy development with an emphasis on the practical application of the Plan’s investment hierarchy to guide decision making.

The team’s promotion of smarter working practices in recent years for more effective and efficient estates has meant many organisations have been able to respond well to the pandemic.

We are supporting public organisations develop future workplace models based upon the principles of smarter working.

We focus our work in three ways:

  • Strategic guidance and support to put in place the building blocks for collaborative asset management.
  • Assurance and co-ordination of asset strategy change programmes and projects around improved outcomes and collaboration.
  • Supporting delivery of transformational change projects through guiding stakeholders, influencing governance, and business case development.