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Huge advancements are being made as to how public buildings are used and managed. In turn, this is supporting the delivery of improved public services and significant progress is being made with much of our activity focusing on offices and the sale of surplus properties.

Asset Management

Since 2012 we’ve been working with the public sector to help guide them look differently at the buildings they occupy for the services they need to deliver. 

This new thinking is leading to securing wider economic and social benefits as resources are used more efficiently, money is saved and the buildings operated by the public sector have a greater impact on the ground.

And we’ve successfully embedded these new approaches into our asset management programmes which are supporting public bodies to achieve more than £700m of savings and is helping the public sector develop the right conditions for more effective working.

Within Scottish Government, we’ve led and are delivering the first phase of an ambitious Smarter Workplaces programme, aimed at creating a smaller, leaner, greener and more effective office portfolio.

The next phase will look to achieve further savings and develop improved estate management.

Our work in this area has been split into two areas: