Modern digital connectivity is an essential component of creating a successful country. For businesses and social enterprises, it enhances productivity and drives innovation. In rural communities it has the potential to boost economic development, retain young people and attract new residents.

SFT has built up a team of experts that work in partnership with industry to ensure the right mechanisms, partnerships and commercial approaches are developed to deliver a world-class telecommunication infrastructure in a practical way.

Over the past two years, SFT has taken the lead to develop a roadmap to support Scottish Government’s World-Class digital vision. Building on this roadmap the team’s focus will now shift to developing a programme to enhance infrastructure investment and delivery in Scotland. As part of this, SFT will continue its work with stakeholders to strengthen the robustness of the programme with a view to identifying the most commercially viable approaches that will impact most positively on Scotland’s economy and its competitiveness, and address the digital divide.

It is envisaged that wider engagement across the public sector and industry will be key to raising the profile of the World-Class programme to ensure that it fully supports Scottish Government’s strategic objectives. New areas of influence will be investigated at a strategic level within UK Government and OFCOM along with the development of further pilot and pathfinder projects to demonstrate the impact of the different approaches being developed. 

To see the true value of SFT's work, these small case studies outline the benefits.

 First Scottish Island to have 4G connectivity

 Improving lives for only £1 a week 

For further information, please contact Tony Rose, Infrastructure Director on 0131 510 0800.